Week 10 – Masterkey is Bringing Sexy Back

When you think of the song or saying “I’m Bringing Sexy Back” what do you picture? Most people probably picture someone dressed sharp or doing something cool, or something of that sort. and in some cases that would be right, but what I mean when I say that Masterkey is bringing sexy back is this, life was boring before, but now that I have been working on the MKMMA life has started to have more pizzazz than before.

For a lot of people life starts to get drab and grey, it becomes a routine that they go through, wake up, eat, go to work, get home, eat, sleep, repeat. But the Masterkey program helps us break out of that routine and learn more about our selves, and helps us color our world the way we want it to be. In a sense it is “bringing sexy back”, by letting us bring out own version of “sexy” back to our lives, whether that is more time to spend with family, more money to spend on things we need or want, or even if that means being successful enough to own a large house and cool cars, or travel the world. Whatever your version is Masterkey can help you with it.

So bring your sexy back into your life!

Week 9 – The Call of Opportunity

The call of opportunity can come in many forms, and you never know how it is going to show up, for me when I was a child I always saw my self being a magician on TV, I have always loved magic tricks and continue to practice card tricks. But now the things I want to do and the opportunities¬†that show them selves have changed, now I’m looking at working in Network Marketing, and running a TWITCH channel (for those who don’t know what Twitch is, it is a video game streaming website, and if you get enough people to watch your streams you can actually get paid for it.)

You never know where the opportunity¬†will show its self or who it will show through. My family was a part of this network marketing company, before but after a bit they had quit because they didn’t see the improvements that the company could offer, but thankfully the friend of ours that originally invited us into the company never gave up on us, and when there were some changes made in the company that friend showed it to my dad, who decided to take a look at it again, but this time he brought me with him, and I got to take a look at the company as well, and I fell in love with the idea of what the company offered and how it could help me, so we have now been a part of the company for around 5 years now. If my dad had decided to not take a look at it, or if that friend had given up on us we would be in a completely different way of life, and would not know the people we know now or gotten any of the opportunities that we have run into.

So always try to look at life in a view of “what opportunity is being presented to me” even if what is happening is bad, there is always a way to see the opportunity.

goldfish jumping out of the water

goldfish jumping out of the water

Week 8 – busy bee

So I’m late yet again, I’ve been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, work has been super busy (I work retail), but again that’s no excuse, it’s my old blueprint coming back, and I need to kick it in the rear again.

These last couple weeks made me realize how much I want my DMP to come true, I had to spend Thanksgiving at work because of “Black Friday”and I promised my self, and I always keep my promises, that I would jour work another thanksgiving oe Black Friday. I hated not getting to spend the entire day with my family, and I was so tired the days after.

So I am more determined than ever to get this going.

Week 7 – Loving yourself

One thing that I have always had trouble with is loving my self….. And whenever I think about it I can trace it back to a specific time in my life. I have always been a bigger build than most people my age, no matter the age I was, but when I first joined the community theater in my town, I was the “weird Home Schooled Kid” and most of the other kids in the play with me treated me as a outcast and some times went all the way as to pretend I didn’t exist, and I would try so hard to fit in, and I started to not like my self. Travel a couple years into the future, I was about 14 and I found that I really liked this girl that was, again, in the community theater play with me, and so I wanted even more to fit in to get to know her more, but her friends and some of the other kids just couldn’t stop making fun of me, they even got it to the point that I thought I was over weight…. I wasn’t, and after that I have always treated myself like I was over weight, and as the subconscious shapes out reality, I am now 80 lb over weight, I should be about 200 lb but I’m 280. And I realize now that had I just loved myself and not felt the need to fit in with people who obviously didn’t care about me, my life might be totally different.

1420151104_104716Now there are a couple things to note, A) I don’t regret a second of my life, because of the way my life turned out I have an amazing girlfriend who is very supportive of me, I have friends that I would never trade away for anything, and I learned to not care what others think. But starting from here on out, I will start to love myself more, and better my self.

If we can’t love our selves we can’t improve on ourselves because we don’t see the reasons to, or we don’t think we are “worthy” of improvement, but that is all a load of crap, everyone is born with greatness in our hearts, we just need to let if shine and show the world how to love themselves.

Week 6 – DO IT NOW!

I know these things we are doing are not that hard but I have started to realize just how bad my bad habits have gotten….. how badly my body craves the negative peptides…. It is very hard for me to get myself to do what I need to for this, and I am struggling with breaking my habit of laziness. So now I am going to be making it so that I CAN NOT do anything else till I have finished what I need to do, i need to get the whole DO IT NOW! thing down, and it is starting to get easier.

I have realized just how much time I have wasted playing video games and watching Netflix, that I could ave used to further my business, write my book, or just relax out doors, and while it makes me sad that I have wasted so much time, I am glad that I realized this now, and can fix it before I get too far in my life. I’m hoping that by learning this so early in life that when i eventually have kids of my own I am able to help them realize that Video games can be good but not if you play them too much, and Movies can be nice but down’t waste your whole day on them.

So now I am truly going to “do it now”, not later, not tomorrow, but NOW, if I put it off even by a little bit it doesn’t get done, and I need to change that.

Not only am I doing this for me but I’m doing this for my future family, and for the people that I will be able to help by becoming more successful my self.